Thursday, March 29, 2012

Now Available: F3 Many Gates of the Gann

Dungeon Module F3 –
Many Gates of the Gann

You can also buy F1 The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies at FRP Games if you don't have it yet. Or ask for either of them at your local game store. If necessary, let your game store know they can order them from WarPath Games, a hobby gaming wholesale distributor.

Barbarous hyena-men who raid villages and kidnap girl-children? Bah! Unremarkable in our world! But when these raiders retreat safely past ancient sculptures that vaporize intruders, into heretofore unopened vaults believed to hold a weapon of primal terror, and past the gates that guard ancient treasures never beheld by man? Aye! Now these are rumors worthy of adventure! What bold souls will dare pass into centuries-old chambers protected by the Many Gates of the Gann?

Many Gates of the Gann includes complete descriptions and maps for a three-level adventure site, and is easily adaptable to most campaign settings. It is the latest in a series of modules designed for either independent or interconnected use.

System: For use with 1st Edition AD&D, and largely compatible with 2nd edition, the Basic game, the Original game, as well as the various clones and simulacra.
Format: 28 pages, saddle stitched. Retro-style detached cover with maps on the cover interior.
Author: Guy Fullerton
Artists: Stefan Poag, Andy "ATOM" Taylor, Zhu Bajie, John Larrey, Jason Sholtis

AD&D is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, and is used without permission.
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  1. Guy,

    What size party is this adventure catered towards?



  2. 5-7 characters works well. The playtesting was with groups of 5 or 6, IIRC. Smaller groups can work fine too; the lack of muscle will probably be offset by increase in stealth. Conversely, 7 PCs could bring a few man at arms with them, and it wouldn't unbalance anything.

  3. This is looking nifty; any plans for a PDF release?

  4. No concrete plans yet. But I have identified the fonts that I want to license for the PDF version. (I don't currently have a license to embed the fonts that I used for the print version.)

  5. The pdf of F3 is available now at rpgnow! I'll do a more formal posting about it later tonight or this weekend.