Saturday, January 31, 2009

F1 – Art Preview #3

This art preview for Dungeon Module F1 – The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies is a preliminary illustration by Andy "ATOM" Taylor; the final version of the illustration in the module may have a minor change or two, and it will be cleaned up and inked.

"A 10 foot tall yellow and white marble statue of the sun god dominates the room. It stands near the eastern wall and looks toward the western archway with its face gazing downward and arms outstretched in a pose that suggests both grandeur and kindness. Although the ceiling does not contain any light shafts, the room is still quite bright and warm, for the statue’s eyes beam radiant sunlight into the center of the room. Carved murals on the walls convey esteem for growth, agriculture, and life."

©2009 Guy Fullerton, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, January 29, 2009

F1 – Art Preview #2

Here's another art preview from Dungeon Module F1 - The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies, again by Jason Braun:
"A marble sarcophagus lies at the center of the room. Its sides are inscribed with imagery of palm and papyrus trees, and its lid shows a nondescript humanoid with a featureless face. In front of the sarcophagus is the fallen corpse of a half-orc female. Lying next to her are a crowbar, a footman’s mace, and a burnt torch. Completely filling a semicircular alcove at the back of the chamber is a 12 foot tall iron statue of a jackal-headed man wearing foreign garb that accentuates its musculature."

©2009 Guy Fullerton, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

F1 – Art Preview

The first interior art preview from Dungeon Module F1 – The Fane Of Poisoned Prophecies is an illustration by Jason Braun:
"Here, a startlingly pungent smell and a camphoraceous odor unsettle the senses and speed breathing. The smells waft upward from a variety of wicker and glass vessels set at the flanks of a squat granite altar whose sides are covered with blood-red hand, ear, and mouth prints, many of which appear to be made by children. Behind the altar stands a 5 foot tall whitewashed stone statue depicting a bald, androgynous human wearing only a tunic. The statue covers its eyes with its hands, and its mouth is open slightly as if to speak. The walls are densely packed with runes, symbols, and other writing..."

©2009 Guy Fullerton, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, January 25, 2009

F1 – The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies (back cover)

Our first product is Dungeon Module F1 – The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies, a 24 page 1st edition AD&D® module for character levels 4-6. From the front cover:
For years, lords and warriors have delivered riches to the remote Sun Temple in exchange for prophecies from the mysterious oracle who dwells within. But of late, the oracle’s advice has soured.

Some say the oracle has gone mad and lost her powers. Others believe she has forsaken her allegiances and seeks to collapse the kingdom. Rogues whisper of enormous piles of gold and jewelry within the Sun Temple – perhaps no longer guarded. Wealth, power, and surprising secrets await those who dare explore the Sun Temple and beyond!

The back cover (click on the preview above) features a color illustration by Jason Braun, who is also one of the interior artists. Look for more art previews later in the week.

Although it contains a backstory for the DM to use (or not!), The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies doesn't foist a plot on the players. The adventure environment allows for a wide variety of possible character motivations and goals, so the "plot" of the module is whatever the characters make of it. It offers the potential for fighting, exploration, interaction, puzzle solving, and more, so it should provide just as much fun for Chaotic Evil characters as it does for Lawful Good ones. It's written with many old-school sensibilities in mind, but it can be easily adapted to new-school play styles.

Like any 1st edition AD&D® module, it is largely compatible with 2nd edition, the basic game, the original game, as well as the various clones and simulacra.

Details: 24 pages, saddle stitched, with full-color cover and black & white interior
Author: Guy Fullerton
Availability: February 2009

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