Saturday, March 24, 2012

F3 Proof Pictures

The first proof was ready on March 21 as expected, but there were some color and trim issues, so I had to make a couple small tweaks and re-send the digital files to the print house. The second proof was ready yesterday, and it turned out perfectly! F3 is now officially in the printing stage; I will be picking up the first print run next Wednesday (March 28) and it will be available for purchase shortly after that ... probably as soon as March 29.

Here's a look at the proof. The images are intentionally small, to help avoid spoilers. Even so, some MINOR SPOILERS FOLLOW...

The retro-style detached cover and the interior 28 page module booklet. The front cover artwork is by Stefan Poag, and the title page illustration is by Andy "ATOM" Taylor:

Page 2 includes a brief Introduction (background), Notes for the Dungeon Master (with 7 rumors/seeds), and General Features describing the mundane and special physical features of the "dungeon." Page 3 begins the Key to the Upper Level, and has a sidebar describing the Servitor Apes.

Pages 14 and 15 describe areas 62 through 72, including the "Lodge for Erstwhile Cannibals," and "Scriptura-Morphu." Two of these illustrations are by Stefan Poag, with one by Jason Sholtis.

Page 26 describes the last two keyed areas (119 and 120) and features a super-detailed illustration by Zhu Bajie. Page 27 is the New Monster description (Zerpanax), with an enormously cool illustration by Stefan Poag.

The inside of the detached cover for F3 Many Gates of the Gann has the maps for the Upper Level and Middle Level. Portions of the maps are obfuscated in order to avoid spoilers.

Grainy (sorry!) closeup of a portion of the Upper Level map on the inside of the detached cover.

Grainy (sorry!) closeup of a portion of the Middle Level map on the inside of the detached cover.

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