Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want to help you Self-Publish!

Do you have a module or dungeon you'd like to self-publish? Do you want it to have an authentic old-school cover that reminds you of S4, B1, or G1 (mono)? Do you want an impressive, clean and functional interior layout?

I am looking for old-school gaming content to produce. If you have modules or supplements that need editing, layout, or high-quality cartography, please contact me.

I can produce great-looking, professional results in a variety of formats that are ready for immediate customer download as well as print on demand. Samples available on request. If you are trying to generate professionally printed product, I can help facilitate that too, by getting stuff printed at the local print shop – the same one I use for the physical product that Chaotic Henchmen Productions will soon be selling.

I'm interested in helping with both free and for-profit products. For free products, in exchange for the work, I ask for credit (to both myself and Chaotic Henchmen Productions) for any work done, as well as right to advertise the product on the Chaotic Henchmen Productions web site. You keep the copyright. My rates for profit projects are flexible based on need.

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