Saturday, January 31, 2009

F1 – Art Preview #3

This art preview for Dungeon Module F1 – The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies is a preliminary illustration by Andy "ATOM" Taylor; the final version of the illustration in the module may have a minor change or two, and it will be cleaned up and inked.

"A 10 foot tall yellow and white marble statue of the sun god dominates the room. It stands near the eastern wall and looks toward the western archway with its face gazing downward and arms outstretched in a pose that suggests both grandeur and kindness. Although the ceiling does not contain any light shafts, the room is still quite bright and warm, for the statue’s eyes beam radiant sunlight into the center of the room. Carved murals on the walls convey esteem for growth, agriculture, and life."

©2009 Guy Fullerton, All Rights Reserved

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