Saturday, April 20, 2019

Upcoming: The Withered Crag

A new module is in the works: The Withered Crag. For low-level characters. Hopefully in time for NTRPGCon in June. Here's the back cover art by Alex Zisch.


  1. New stuff! Glad to hear this!

  2. How did you get away with the Trade Dress issues on your modules? The F1, F3 & F4 look just like old school modules. Is 2nd edition modules now off limits or just no market?

  3. There's nothing to get away with. TSR published its last module with a similar cover in roughly 1983. Since then (especially in the last 20 years) many publishers have used similar cover styles. At this point, it would be difficult for any publisher to claim exclusivity.

    I can't speak to 2nd ed, beyond not seeing much for-use-with 2nd ed stuff at all. Seems like there is little/no interest in publishing/buying that kind of thing, but my perspective is limited.