Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dark Druids Errata & freebie Spell Tables pdf

If you already have Robert J. Kuntz's Dark Druids, check out the errata and bonus pdf below. If you want to get it, check out the ordering links on the main Dark Druids page.


Area 47 (Iron Door) is missing a description of its magical trap. Use the following:
Globe of Black Flame Trap – Explosion of cold black flame in 20’ radius. Save vs. spells or take 6d6 damage and catch fire, which deals another 1d6 damage per round for 1d4+1 rounds. The fire cannot be put out through conventional means, such as dousing with water or smothering. (See the wall of black flame spell for more about black flame effects.)

(Thank you Jonathan, for spotting and informing me about this omission!)

Bonus — Dark Druid Sect Spell Tables

Making a Dark Druid PC or NPC? Download this handy table of spells, integrating the Allegiance Spell details into the standard Druid spell table:

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