Sunday, January 22, 2012

F3 - Many Gates of the Gann PREVIEW

Dungeon Module F3 – Many Gates of the Gann is moving forward nicely. Editing and layout are finished, and I've begun commissioning interior artwork, so it's time to start previews...

Stefan Poag did the awesome front cover illustration :D
For a better look at the front cover, check out his blog.

Here's the front cover blurb:
Barbarous hyena-men who raid villages and kidnap girl-children? Bah! Unremarkable in our world! But when these raiders retreat safely past ancient sculptures that vaporize intruders, into heretofore unopened vaults believed to hold a weapon of primal terror, and past the gates that guard ancient treasures never beheld by man? Aye! Now these are rumors worthy of adventure! What bold souls will dare pass into centuries-old chambers protected by the Many Gates of the Gann?

System: For 1st Edition AD&D, and largely compatible with any TSR-era A/D&D, plus the clones & simulacra.
Format: 28 pages, saddle stitched. Retro-style detached cover with maps on the cover interior.
Author: Guy Fullerton
Artists: Stefan Poag, Andy "ATOM" Taylor, and at least one other artist that I'm trying to line up.

I'm shooting for an early spring release. It will be going into distribution the same as F1, so will be for sale at FRP Games, Noble Knight, and various other places.

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