Friday, May 15, 2009

Two modules for $15 + free shipping!

Thanks to an arrangement with RC Pinnell (aka Thorkhammer on the Dragonsfoot forums), I'm happy to offer a special two-module combo of RC Pinnell's GS1 Sanctum of the Stone Giant Lord plus my own F1 The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies at a very special price of $15 (US) with FREE shipping to anywhere in the world! (So in a way, this is a better deal for non-US buyers than it is for US buyers.)

The only way I can offer the modules at this price is by handling the sales & shipping myself, and I don't have enough spare time to handle that forever, so this is a limited time and limited quantity offer. There are only 20 combo available at this price, and the offer will only be good for 2 weeks. As soon as the 20 combos are sold or two weeks have passed (whichever happens first), the offer is over.

US orders will be sent by USPS Priority Mail in a Priority Mail flat-rate envelope. Non-US orders will be shipped in a 8.5" x 11" manilla envelope via First Class international mail.

Update: Combos are Sold Out! Thanks very much to everyone who purchased a combo!

(Plenty of copies of F1 are still available at FRP Games at normal price, and GS1 is still available at RC Pinnell's Lulu storefront.)


  1. Thanks for the deal, Guy...and thanks for the donations to the NTRPG Con. Can't wait to read these, I saw a copy and it's very old school in presentation and tone!

  2. This is practically giving them away... SOLD.

  3. If only I had read James blog about this a little bit sooner. Oh well.

  4. Bugger, I was in hospital for three weeks and just got home. Shame, this was an excellent deal. I hope you repeat it one day.

  5. Aaack!!! I paid full price for both of these! Oh, well, they were still worth it in any event! Great work Fullerton and Thorkie!