Ordering Direct from Chaotic Henchmen

Choose a module and shipping option below to order a print copy direct from Chaotic Henchmen, via PayPal. I will ship orders out within a couple business days.

ORDERING TEMPORARILY DISABLED (Sorry!) The Buy Now buttons will direct you to an out of stock page, but fear not: Plenty of stock is left. My printer currently fails to print with the black ink cartridge (yes, I tried a fresh one), so I can't print out postage & mailing labels right now. I will re-enable ordering once I fix my printer situation, sorry!

International Shipping is pretty expensive for a module packed in a box, as you can see in the options below. The only cheaper option is to ship in an envelope, which puts the module at risk for damage in transit. If you're okay with the potential for damage, at your own risk, message me and I can get you a shipping quote based on your location (probably around $6 or 8).

Special Requests? Want multiple modules? Want to add a copy of Dark Druids to your order? Want faster shipping? Just order one copy of one of the modules below, and use the message in the Pay Pal order to indicate what else you want, and I'll send a separate invoice for the balance of the order.

F4 The Withered Crag ship option

F3 Many Gates of the Gann ship option

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