Dark Druids Ordering

Choose a shipping option below to order direct from Chaotic Henchmen, via PayPal. I will ship orders out within a couple business days.

Ship Destination

Releasing in Batches of 20: In order to stay sane, and not get swamped under a backlog of orders, I'm only allowing about 20 orders at a time. Once those 20 copies are ordered, it will be a few days before I make another batch of 20 available. So if the link says it's not available, it's not really sold out; it's just a temporary situation. Thanks for your patience!

Special Requests? Want multiple copies of Dark Druids in your order? Want to add a copy of F3 Many Gates of the Gann to your order? Just order one copy of Dark Druids, and use the message in the Pay Pal order to indicate what else you want, and I'll send a separate invoice for the balance of the order.

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